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The  shop Art Decoratif   presents for sale replicas of decorative art in Art Nouveau style and  Art Deco style – silver jewellery, glass vases, photo frames and candlesticks . You can  buy here beautiful and original Czech presents. 

  The majority of goods originate from the creations of the famous Czech painter Alphons Mucha. We offer some of his never realized designs. All products are made only by Czech artists.  Jewellery evoke Art Nouveau and Art Deco design of  period 1900 - 1930, but  they are very modern and in demand.
Glass vases are  hand-crafted by the famous glasswork Ajeto manufactured in accordance with the designs made by Art-Nouveau designers and  with silver ornaments decorated or painted. Utility decorative items such as  bowls and carafes produced from glass and then fitted into shaped metal (pewter or brass) are also very popular.     
Some especially artistically valuable items are produced in a limited series and are completed with certificates on the products, indicating the number of pieces per series, the order of the manufactured piece in a series and the material used. 
Firm Art Decoratif was founded in 1991 by Ms Zuzana Maresova. First shop was opened  in Melantrichova street nearby Old Town Square.. The shop window was an exact replica of shop window designed  by Alphons Mucha for the goldsmith G.Fouquet in Paris in 1910. This shop was unfortunately closed because of City Councils decision.
Next shop was managed in 1997 and was located i in  the Municipal House. It has been opened for 17 years. This shop is unfortunately  also closed now.
In this time we  sell only in our e-shop.


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